Corporate Events

Speed.  Excitement.  Competition.

When’s the last time your corporate meeting or event included those elements?

If you’re looking for a unique and memorable way to reward your team or your customers, Unser Racing is the solution for your next corporate event.  Have a meeting in one of our conference rooms.  We’ll set it up and take care of all the details.  Our event team will make sure there’s appropriate food and beverages while providing the equipment and space necessary to accommodate your group. Make sure you hold their attention during the meeting because the anticipation of the upcoming event will surely keep them on the edge of their seats.

Now that your meeting is over, it’s our turn.  Our race and event director takes over and transforms your meeting into a professional race event–think Indy Car on the streets of Downtown Denver.  Everyone has just become a member of the Pro Unser Race Team.  That’s right–Unser.  Over 70 years of legendary racing history including nine total Indy 500 wins.

We’ll start with the official driver meeting which includes a full overview of track and kart safety, race kart operation, track and race conduct, and the race format.  Once everyone is comfortable with the rules and equipment, we provide a detailed overview and instruction of our professionally designed Johnny Unser signature track to assist every racer with the fastest lines and the best passing sections.  We want everyone to do well.

Now the fun starts.  Everyone will get geared up by pulling on an Unser racing suit and strapping on a helmet. Enough talking–it’s time to race.  As the green flag drops on the track, electronic timing and digital signage will keep everyone updated on the results. How is your team doing on our quarter mile long 11 corner track?  It’s fast, fun, and challenging–especially when you are in one of our high end and highly modified, gas powered race karts.  The checkered flag will drop and the results will be tallied.  Did your team win?

With Unser Racing, it’s all about having a memorable experience.  Put some speed and excitement in your next meeting!

Are you ready to race?