Welcome to my first blog entry.  It seems like good timing to get this rolling since we just celebrated our first year anniversary and I’ve got this cool new website as a platform.  I have had a lot of time to compile some great stuff to share.  My goal with this blog is to share my experiences, challenges, and successes in starting and growing this business.  If you read my email regarding the sign issue with Adams County and found that slightly interesting, I think you will enjoy my entries in this blog.

Blogging will be a new thing for me.  I love to write and more importantly I love to share the experiences that we’ve gone through trying to get this business off the ground and keep the doors open.  I distinctly remember a year ago on October 19th finally getting the approval from Adams County and North Washington Fire District that we had met all of the demands and could now open for business.  I literally stood there wondering what to do next.  My team and I had fought so hard and so long just to get the doors open that I was literally shocked into paralysis when we finally won the first battle.

I started this adventure two years ago quitting my management position with a large technology company to again, peruse my own business.  This is my second start-up so I thought I had prepared myself for the unexpected.  I thought to myself that whatever could go wrong probably will go wrong.  I had underestimated that statement which seemed impossible at the time.

As I went through the process of finding a location, investigating code requirements, and dealing with economic development groups, I was under this false perception that occupying a vacant building, creating 35 new jobs, and bringing a cool business to a community would be welcome and in some way easy.  The brutal fact was that it would be far from easy and it became very apparent that none of this mattered to any agency or politician I reached out to or had to deal with.

I could paraphrase a great leader about dreams and ambition but the bottom is this has been a crazy and incredibly challenging two years.  My team has been amazing and I’m proud of the product we’ve created.  We’re doing a lot of things right.

I hope you enjoy the adventure as much as I have.

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