After a great winter league and a few weeks off we’re back in full swing with the 2012 RockStar spring league! There would be a lot of new racers to the spring leagues. With a new two-race format that would mix things up and give every driver a better chance at an overall win. Drivers will now qualify into their main events and race two heats that are averaged at the end of the night. In the chance of a tie, the better finish in the second main event determines the winner.

The C main would be the First main of the night, and would be a clean one. After everyone got through the first turn, they would quickly spread out. John M. would be one of the fastest drivers on the track and charge
quickly from 6th to 3rd. With a little over half the main event to go Philip R. would turn the quickest lap a 20.625 and be putting the pressure on John for 3rd. Philip would try to make the pass a few times but was unable to make it stick ending with John in 3rd and Philip in 4th.

With the B main up next, the drivers would be out for vengeance trying to prove that they have what it takes to run in the A main. James Cook would get the hard charger award for this race going from 10th to 3rd. Chase T. would also make it a great race starting in 7th and make some early passes to give him a chance at the win against Oscar Z. Oscar started up front which allowed him the lead he needed to hold off Chase T. who would turn the Fastest lap a 19.930 trying to hunt him down. While they were going at it in 1st there would be a great five-way battle for 3rd with everyone exchanging positions. The Race would conclude with Chase making one last charge at the finish line pulling along side of Oscar making it a photo finish with Oscar winning by six tenths of a second over Chase.

The A main would turn out to be another aggressive race that would leave some drivers with a severe black flag costing them valuable positions. The fastest driver of the race would be a new comer Garrett Kurtt running a 19.838 enough to take a comfortable win. Tim W. and Sean P. would make a great battle midway through the race and trade positions back and forth allowing the pack to close up on them. Tim would be able get away after a few laps. Garrett would take the win followed by Jeremy W. and Tim W.

Second main events would kick off right after and it was back to the C main. They would have few battles before the finish. Philip R. again would be on the move forward after an early bobble. He would make his passes before the finish line allowing him to finish back in 4th where he started. Shawn Stout would make an early pass on James M. allowing Shawn the win both for the race and the overall followed by Philip R. for 2nd overall and John M in 3rd.

Drivers in the B main would prove to be fast and clean drivers again. Chase would start Right behind Oscar and put the pressure on right were he left off. He would have just a little more speed and be able to make the pass quick by sneaking to the inside crossing the finish line. James C. and Jacob U. go at it for most of the race and exchanging positions at every area of the tack. Jacob would be running two hundredths faster then James but the battle would allow Matt A. to close the gap and when Jacob tried to make a pass on James he would be blocked loosing enough momentum to let matt slide by to finish 4th. The overall win would go to Chase followed by Oscar in 2nd and James in 3rd. Chase T final score a main event win after falling short so many times.

After being warned after the first main event, the A drivers would be on extra close watch for bumping. They took their warning serious and drive a good, clean race. Jace H. would get a great start and pass three drivers on the first lap bumping him into second and giving him a shot at the lead. On the third lap he would try to make a move into first but Michael M. would pass him back down the front straightaway. Scott R would also be on his game for the second main charging up past six drivers into 4th place. The top four drivers would all be turning times in the 19.8’s including a newcomer Michael M. The race would end and Michael M. would take 1st Jeremy W in 2nd and Garrett K. in 3rd overall for the night.

This would put the first week of the series and a new format in the books leaving Jace H the winter league champ off the podium. Great drives by two new comers Garret K and Michael M. would prove they are a threat to Jace who is trying to defend back to back league championships. Make sure that you don’t miss the next leagues for your chance to battle with the best at Unser racing.

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