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With the nice weather came great racing Wednesday night at Unser. The league drivers would be anxious to drive after the start time was pushed back slightly. Everyone would opt to run no practice and longer qualifiers this week giving drivers the chance to find their groove while also letting the tires and track warm up.

With the C main up first, they would continue to stay the cleanest drivers out there. Michael D would benefit from the random grid on the start of the first main event scoring a great 2nd place spot. He would have a great start but would struggle to hold the slightly quicker drivers off and slide back a few positions. Scott H. would be the opposite and charge up through the pack. He would need to due to the quickness of the race. James C. who would start on the pole would be able to drive a clean consistent race and not allow Scott to catch him. Scott would, however, catch Philip S. and try and make a move at the finish that was unsuccessful.

The second main would start off giving Philip the opportunity to see James lines. They would put a quick gap on Scott but defensive driving would allow Scott to catch back up with two laps remaining. They would end the Race almost bumper to bumper with no one able to make the pass. James C would be perfect on the night in the C main with a 1 – 1 finish and win the overall, followed by Philip with a 2 -2 finish in 2nd and Scott with a 3 -3 finished for 3rd.

The B main would see some new drivers that were in the C main last week. James M would be the one to watch as he would start on the pole. He was able to learn from any mistakes that were made last week and squeak out the first B main event win. Randy G. however would be the one that was looking to stop him. Starting fourth he took a few laps to get through traffic, after a few laps he would catch him and when he did it a close one to the finish. Randy pulled up next to James and finished just a tire distance behind him. There would also be a pretty good battle towards the back that would be between Toni K. and Oscar Z. Midway Oscar would make the pass and Toni would study his lines only to make one last passing attempt that would be denied. He would turn his fastest lap time and build on that. Second main would start with quite a bit of contact and mix a few spots up right away. Again the battle would be up front and at the midway point be a five-way battle for first. Derek B. would be in this battle and make the most passes. As he passed into fourth Randy would make a huge mistake in the split and loose lots of time rubbing against the split, which would allow Derek into third. After making another move at the finish the race would end close for the top three. James would go 1 – 1 this week in the b main. After winning the c main last week this proves his a driver with some talent.

The A main came out firing and as one of the fastest drivers Greg W. would get stuck on a barrier in turn one as he tried to make quick work starting a 7th grid position. Jeremy wall would try and capitalize this and get out to and early large lead. Greg would be making moves starting with showing Michael M. last week’s winner a wheel at the Finish line. Michael would hold him off. Michael and Greg would come up on Brian C. He would leave the door open taking the smoother, faster line, which allowed the two of them to slide to the inside. Coming towards the end of the race they would catch Scott R. and it would be time for the most action of the race on the last two laps. Michael got the drive at the finish and would make the pass on the inside while Greg drafted him and would follow Michael through. Greg would then get to the inside of Michael at the split and make the pass. While Michael was worried about Greg pulling away Scott would sneak back to that inside line going into the second one eighty and make the pass back for 3rd.

The second main event would tighten everything back up and start off again With Greg showing Jeremy a wheel to the inside at the finish line. Jeremy would have the momentum and drive his own line for the next few laps, not showing any signs of weakness from the pressure. Greg would get the momentum he needed to get along side him and make the pass stick around the outside of the first one eight an unusual spot. Jeremy would look to make a pass back with Scott all over him waiting to capitalize on any mistake. Jace H would be one to suffer from the unfortunate luck of a tenth place start in the first main but would now be into fourth and looking to catch the lead pack while turning the fastest lap time. However he wouldn’t be able to close very much because the lead pack was also not far off his 19 second laps. Coming down to the wire Scott would try that greatly used inside on the second one eight and would bump Jeremy slowing them both down. Jeremy was able to keep it under control and recover staying in second. However Scott would not be so lucky Jace was close enough to make the pass into third. And that would round out the top three with Greg in the lead. When the points where added Jereme’s consistent 2 place finishes in round 1 and 2 has put him 1st in overall points with a 6 point gap between him and Michael M in second.

That wraps up another week of leagues with spring break the next few weeks were expecting lots of new drivers to show up. Check back next week to get the run down and see what mystery drivers might be mixing things up.

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