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This week in leagues would have a good turn out of new drivers that were all looking to get a feel for the win. There would also be a little talk from racers about switching up the starting grid from random to qualifying time. But after a little more explanation we would stick with random grid leaving the drivers mixed up for the start.

C main would start off clean with BJ C. looking to make a early pass on James C however BJ would be blocked and be able to watch James line for a couple more laps learning anywhere he could make up a little time. After a few laps in the books he would be able to hold the finish line a little tighter with a better drive making the pass stick going into the first one eighty. This would allow Philip R. breathing down James neck however Derek B. would be right there as well putting the pressure on Philip. Derek would show Philip a wheel letting him know he was there with six laps to go. On lap five he would be able to sneak on the inside of the split making the pass. Coming into the second one eighty Philip would set up and make the pass back on the inside going over the finish line and two laps remaining. The little battle would allow BJ to get a comfortable lead at the end. Second main would take those gaps away and make it close right off the bat. Philip would have bad luck right off the start as Derek would try to get the jump on the inside and Philip would block but it was to late and got spun out. He would have a great drive coming through the pack to end up fifth. The early mishap would allow BJ to start to creep away having no one to deal with out front. Ryan S would start in fifth coming into the second main event and would be able to make his way to third right behind James as the race was winding down. They would come into the last corner bumper to bumper and would make some contact spinning James out and finishing second. But with the rules came a penalty and Ryan would be docked one position leaving him in third place.

The B Main would see some good racing as well Chase T. week one winner would be lined up on the pole and with a clean start he would be able to run clean fast laps to sneak away from the pack. For the rest of the field it would be a different story with a lot of battles and passing. Jacob U would start out in third place and try to make an early pass on Cody S. in second but be closed off quickly by some smart driving but it wouldn’t last long while he would make the pass on the inside of the finish line one lap later. Another battle would be in full effect at about the half way mark for fifth place and include three drivers. Oscar Z. would the one coming through the pack and quickly close up the gap on Chris D., Toni k., and Dan S. each driver would be trying to find there way around one another thus slowing them down the slightest bit. Oscar would make his way into sixth right behind Chris D in fifth at the checkered flag. The second main would again be a clean start and Tim W a usual A main driver would be looking to make a few passes. Jacob U. would show Chase a wheel coming around the finish line and be two tenths faster for most of the race. Chase would be able to smooth out his laps and hold of Jacob for a one, one finish. Behind that would be a battle for sixth place between Philip S., Tim W., and Toni K. With four laps to go Tim W. would be all over Philip S. and make the move around at the second one eighty on the inside with two laps to go to finish fifth.

The A main would be a clean start and see Randy G make an early pass on Garrett K. on the inside of the finish line. Randy would be able to run Fast laps with the clean track and get an early gap. Greg W. And Jeremy W. would both be randomly gridded at the back and have their work cut out for them. Greg would start clicking away positions by sneaking into the inside on the second one eighty while drivers were still taking the fast line but get blocked on the exit from the quicker entry speed of the inside. Jeremy would be on the tail of Greg through most of this and as the race went on they would slowly knock away at Randy’s lead. The half way mark would start the battle between the top three and every time Greg would show a wheel Randy would have the better drive and be able to hold him off. With about four laps to go a lapper would hold Greg up a little and allow Randy to gap him a little and Jeremy to pull right up on Greg. There would not be enough time left in the race to as they would group back up but finish with Randy First Greg in second and Jeremy in third. The second main would start off with Jeremy trying to get a better jump and make a pass within the first fifty feet. He would be block and allow Scott R. to sneak by until the split were Jeremy would have the inside again. Greg would be putting the pressure on Randy For the First few laps until Jeremy would pass on Greg spinning him out and earning him a black flag. Michael M would be close to Scott R and look for a place to get around but Scott would turn the fastest lap time a 19.901 and be able to hold him off. As the race was coming to the final lap Jeremy would catch Randy and look to make a pass. Randy would think he had it in the bag until the last corner Jeremy took a shot at it taking them both out. This would allow Scott to capitalize and take the win. Randy would be able to salvage a second place still able to end the night with the overall win. Jeremy on the other hand would finish fourth but be docked one position for the take out.

All three main events would all have their share of people getting docked due to last lap take outs this week making each ones final finishes very interesting. Jace Hansen would also not make it this Wednesday and drop him back to seventeenth in points. The overall series points are still a close one with only ten points separating the top three. There are still plenty of races and a lot of points still to be had so anything could happen.

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