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Round six of the Rockstar winter league came up fast and many drivers were in the hunt for the top five positions in points. The ‘drop one round’ rule would mix things up slightly in the end, because many drivers showed up to all the rounds! The few who didn’t saw their dropped round accounted for heading into round six.

A main saw Ted M. starting on pole and leading the field into a clean start. Jereme W was at a slight disadvantage starting mid-pack and looking to chase down some of our fastest league drivers, a daunting task. However, he found himself in fifth five laps into it. Bj had Randy all over him and was forced to tighten up his lines the slightest bit blocking any look at the inside of corners. Coming up to the halfway mark, Ron W. started to fall back the slightest bit and was in a battle with James C. After driving side by side for almost a whole lap James would be able to get the drive coming around the finish line and hold him off entering the first one eighty. The battle between the two would allow Michael M. a new driver to leagues to catch up and get in the mix. Meanwhile, Bj and randy were still battling and allowed Jereme to catch up. They were bumper-to-bumper coming down to the second to last lap and would be approaching lapped traffic. These lapped drivers were in a battle of their own which would make it tuff for the leaders to find a fast way around. In the midst of all this action, a lot would happen. Jereme and Randy were both shut down for bumping, which allowed Ryan to slide by into third. Michael M, who started in last, would be able to find his way around Randy for fifth.

There were a few drivers warned for aggression on the track entering the second race. With valuable overall points on the line, it was key to have an extra set of eyes on the race. Therefore, we did not get great detail on the final A main to report here. The race started off with Michael M getting spun entering the first turn. Jereme would be looking to find his way around Ryan S and Bj early. He was able to make his way around Ryan but wasn’t able to shake him. Coming across the line at the end, Ted crossed out front with Jereme in second, and Bj in third.

The last round was full of battles and passes making it one of the more interesting rounds we have had to date. When the points were tallied and the round was dropped, the results reveiled Michael M in first with 481, followed by Bj in second with 470, and Randy in third with 465. Randy was only 2 points behind entering the last round and Bj was able to keep his calm under the pressure by making no mistakes. Rockstar would throw in some great prizes for the top three in points and everyone was stoked on the series!

Make sure to come in and get prepared for the next series which will kick off soon. Check our website, emails, Facebook, and Twitter for announcements. We are also excited to launch our all new Youth leagues! These will come complete with fundamentals courses happening before heats to help drivers better their times and to understand what works and what doesn’t on the track during competition.

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