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Round one of the Rockstar Spring League 2 series featured a new 7:00pm start time allowing anyone getting stuck in the office or traffic a little extra time to make it in. The six round series awards prizes to the top three drivers in an overall points standings at round six. If you’re a new or experienced driver leagues are the ultimate race experience.

A main number one kicked off racing with a clean start. Bj C. started making moves early and quickly got around Michael M. into third but see Michael pass him back a lap later. Travis T. and Ron W. started their battle early as well and went back and forth for most of the race. Unfortunately for them, the battle would slow them down and as they would fade back in the pack. Chase T. who started on the pole had Ryan S. breathing down his neck 5 laps into it. As the race went on and drivers would get into lap traffic allowing Chase to gap Ryan the slightest bit spreading out third and fourth. Ryan turned the fastest lap a 19.957 allowing him to close the gap and get around Chase for first at the start finish line. Chase pushed his limit going into the one-eighty looking to pass him back but Ryan was able to hold him off. Michael M. was turning fast consistent laps in third, as he was hunting down Chase. They were catching up to another group of lappers it would look as if they would play a big factor in slowing one of them down. Both drivers were able to maneuver around cleanly. With only 5 laps remaining Michael caught Chase and applied the pressure for the next three laps until getting around him with two laps remaining. The top three finished as follows, Ryan in First, Michael in second, and Chase in third.

The second A main looked to be a good one leading into it. Ryan on the pole led the field into a clean start. Again Ron and Travis would start off the race battling. Travis found his grove and better lines late in the first main and would be able to sneak away after a few laps. The top five spread out relatively quickly giving them all some breathing room. Philip S. was slowly catching up to Bj and took the breathing room away. Staying calm under the pressure Bj caught up to Randy in fourth at the midway mark. Ryan would again be out front and turn the fastest lap time and have no pressure. A battle would ensue back in fifth place with Bj, Philip, and Randy. Philip all over Bj would get a drive at the finish and pull along side of Bj. Not able to make the pass would go side by side into the one-eighty. Randy back in sixth seeing this all go down right in front of him stuck right be right behind Bj as he would force Philip to the outside allowing Randy around him. Chase having plenty of breathing room on fourth got caught up in lapped traffic making a mistake and got stuck on a barrier dropping him back to seventh with three laps remaining. Philip would be all over Randy looking to pass him back but unable to with no mistakes by Randy.

With the consistent battles that arose left many drives talking about the fun and excitement of what took place on the track. Round one was great fun and what looks to be a great start to the spring league 2 series. Tune in next week for what I am sure will be even more action, or better yet come race leagues and be a part of all the fun!


Round two of the Rockstar Spring league 2 series would see a few new drivers that came looking to get into contention. With the drop one round rule for our series any driver would still be able to drop that first round and with some consistent driving be very capable of still be taking home the points series.

The first A main kicked off quickly when Jared W. passed Ron W. on the inside of the first corner. This wouldn’t last long as Jared would start to fade back into the pack as the laps ticked away. A pack of three drivers would be catching him fast looking to make there way to the front. These drivers included Michael M., Jereme W., and Randy G. Jereme turned up the pressure, as he would make a pass on Randy only to see him make an attempt on passing back in the second one-eighty. By this time Michael would start to inch away giving him a little breathing room. This would bring us to the halfway mark with James C still in the lead with Chase right behind him. As they came into the split a lapped driver would stay on the inside holding James up and allow Chase to make the pass. This would give James to see the other side of things. He would now be the one applying the pressure to Chase. With the two battling up front this would slow them the slightest bit and allow third through fifth to catch up making it a five-way battle coming to the end. James would make one last chance to going on the inside but chase would close the door and go on for the win.

The second main event was crazy and one for the books. The passing would be going on everywhere for the first few laps as drivers were taking advantage of every little mistake. Chase fell back to seventh by the fifth lap as well as James back into sixth. Bj on the other hand would be moving forward into second with Jeremy right behind him in third. Jeremy moved passed Bj and set his sights on the leader. Michael also started putting down his fast laps and passed Bj. Ryan S. put the pressure on Bj towards the end of the race but didn’t find a line to get around. The top three would come from the back of the field and be Jeremy in first, Michael in second, and Bj in third.

With the second main event being a great one and so crazy it would make capturing all the passing a tough one. For those of you who haven’t checked out leagues do so and be a part of all the action, fun and, prizes next Wednesday at 6:30pm.


Round three of the Spring League 2 series had the biggest turn out of the series yet. This would set up racing for A and B mains. The top 8 would go to the A main and the rest to the B main. Word was floating around that one of those drivers had put down 19-second laps earlier in the week and everyone would be curious how he would do in a race.

The first B main started off clean and the people in the back of the field were first to try and make a move. David T. had a good drive on Tim S. coming across the finish line. However it would not be enough as Tim held him off. Tim started getting in the groove and dropping his lap times. James C. and Travis T. who started one two started to pull away with ten laps remaining. Tim was stuck behind Ron W. for a few laps as Ron would be driving quick laps. He would be able to make the pass by diving on the inside going into the second one-eighty. After the pass and a clean track ahead of Tim he was able to set his sights on the front two. He was able to put A 20.3 down and was the fastest lap of the race. This allowed him to catch Travis and James up front. James would feel the pressure after Tim tried to drive to the inside entering the second one-eighty. Travis wouldn’t be affected as Tim would try it couple more times but be unsuccessful, as the race would come to an end.

Entering the second main event they would start close opening a whole set of battles. James again led them into a clean start and David would make quick work of Ron at the first one-eighty. Things would stay calm for 6 laps with the leaders bumper to bumper as they pulled away the slightest bit. Tim would try diving to the inside in the one-eighty as he did in the first race and be shut down once again. Things would remain the same with James still leading followed by a close Travis and Tim with six remaining. The close racing up front slowed them just enough for David to catch up. As the race came near the end things would start to heat up. Travis snuck to the inside of James, as he was moving over resulting in James spinning out. Travis would receive the black flag, which allowed Tim around into first. This black flag also allowed David to catch Travis and put the pressure on. However it would not be enough and Finish with Tim in first followed by Travis and David.

Jumping to the A main New driver Theodore was the one everyone was talking about. The random grid set up the battle perfectly with Theodore on the pole followed by Jereme W. and Michael M. The start was clean as Randy made a pass on Chase in the first straight. The top three jumped out to a quick lead as Jereme tried to make Theodore nervous. Not affected, he would drive the fast line and be able to hold the lead. Randy and Ryan S. would catch up to Nathaniel in sixth leaving two three-way battles on the track. Not to far in front of them would be Bj C. and Chase T. in another battle this would be something to keep an eye on. Meanwhile Theodore and Jereme started to pull Michael and be alone in the battle. With no pressure, Jereme would be able to try new lines in second trying to make a move into first. It looked as if Jereme was going to try and dive to the inside towards the end of the race so that there would be no time to get passed back. With seven laps to go chase made his way to the inside of Bj entering the split with to much speed to hold the inside. Chase pushed Bj into the split causing barriers to come loose and a stoppage to the race would have to occur. The Track would get repaired and every driver was lined back up at the finish for the restart in the order they were at the stopping point. The restart was clean and Jereme would make another pass attempt at the finish line to be denied one more time. This allowed Theodore to get a slight gap and not have pressure at the end of the race. Top three would end with Theodore in first, Jereme in second, and Michael in third.

After a great first race, the drivers lined back up and give it another go. This time Jereme would be looking for redemption. Jereme would try to make a move two laps in crossing the finish line. To do so he went outside entering the last turn and someone would get under him spinning him out early. This gave Theodore a quick gap and let him turn fast laps. Randy and Ryan found themselves battling again. Ryan put a move on randy going into the second one-eighty but drifted wide across the finish line only for randy to pass him back. This led the into the first one-eighty with more speed then usual as each driver was trying to out drive the other. Randy had the line and Ryan dove to the inside but trying to avoid hitting randy and a black flag he slid sideways and stuck him self into the barriers. At the halfway point Jereme would be all over Bj and make a clean pass moving him back into third and still looking at catching second. They would slightly spread out as the race progressed but not fourth and fifth. Randy caught Bj in fourth with only four laps remaining. Randy would show Bj a wheel going into the second one-eighty and make the pass stick across the finish line. In the midst of the battle Chase caught them as well. Chase would also be able to slide by Bj at the finish line leaving one lap left. Bj would get fired up and shoot right back by entering the first one eighty and hold him off to cross the checkered in fifth.

The A main would be the one to talk about tonight as we would see the new comer Theodore take home a one-one against a proven to be fast Jereme Wall. Along with the restart of the first A main there was a lot happening as well as in the B main. This will end the first half of the series and lead into a Week off. So get your practice in Wednesday with two four min. heats for only fifteen dollars. Then come prove your skill Wednesday May 30th for the second half of the Rockstar spring league 2 series.

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