Coming into the last and final round of the Rockstar New Year league we would throw a curve ball into things starting the night out with a R.P.M theft race, the winner would receive an extra 200 R.P.M. During practice and qualifying, the timing display TV’s would be shut off leaving everyone guessing what their times were and what main event they would land in. With a tight battle between the top five in points drivers would be trying anything the could to get those few extra points.

The night started off with the R.P.M race and with some drivers looking to use it to get a little edge on the rest of the competition. It was a tight race up front with the current points leader Jace Hansen getting out to an early lead with Jesse Runkle in a close second and Jeremy Wall ending in third. Jumping right into practice and qualifying after the R.P.M race all TV’s were shut off leaving drivers guessing there times and even some drivers trying to run stop watches on there phones. The D mains had 5 drivers advancing leaving David Spoelhof taking the final transfer position. It was a clean start with only one cart getting spun and pushed to the outside. Dan T would be that driver, he put his head down for a strong drive being two tenths faster then the field while making his way through the pack. There was a great battle in the front between Michael G. Tim V. and Chris T. the three drivers would trade positions making a great race. Tim V would edge out the other driver for the win. Chris T would cross in 2nd and be happy with a transfer and more laps to come in the C main.

Jeremy Wall a usual front runner in the A mains would struggle in qualifying leaving him with a Fourth place start in the c main. The first 180 came quick and with Jeremy W. trying to make quick moves he went to the outside and left Steve B. and Greg G. to get together and cause a first turn pile up. This would work for him and allow him to get into an early and comfortable lead. There would be close racing and few black flags while other drivers were trying for the second transfer spot to the B main. Tim V would make his pass by holding the Finish line turn tight to squeeze by down the front stretch. There would still be a close race for third, the battle resulted in those drivers all to be shut down at some point. This let Tim V secure 2nd and another transfer. He would be the first driver to complete in 3 mains in one night.

With the B main turning out some great racers there would be a clean start leaving, every driver still in the hunt for those two transfer spots into the A main. The halfway make would be the start of all battles at the front and the back of the pack. Tripp G would stick his cart into the inside on the second one 180 and make contact leaving him with a black flag and in a distant seventh. Jesse R would capitalize on all the battles behind him, this let him drive his own line. Jesse ran fast consistent laps which lead him to win the B main. Jeremy W. started in ninth place would make the finish line corner his signature passing spot, passing five drivers on his way to the front. Josh F. and Derek B. would trade positions for the transfer spot. Josh would make an unusual pass going two wide on the inside of the split. Getting a better drive down the back straight he made the pass. It would come down to the wire again with Jeremy making a last lap pass into third leaving him just shy of a transfer into the A main. Josh F. would be the final spot into the A main.

The last race of the night would be the A main and After a couple rough weeks with a lot of contact they would be warned before the race that all intentional contact would earn them a black flag with a long shut down, which could cost them valuable time and positions. The drawing for the invert would start out with Jack K. on the pole followed by Tyler T. The two new drivers to leagues had a veteran Jace H behind them in third. Jace would make fairly quick work of Jack into second and start his push to first. Tyler would hold him off for the first half of the race but would be loosing time by going wider going into the split. Jace wouldn’t only make up time on Tyler with this but make the pass here as well. Jesse R would start in the back and look to charge to the front by turning the fastest laps of the night. He would make most of his passes on the back section of the track and slowly catch up to Jack. When he did, the pass was made with contact allowing Jack to make the pass back while Jesse was being shut down. This battle was slowing them both down and Ryan M. would close the gap as well and make it a three way battle to the end. Jace would take the win followed by Tyler, Jesse, Jack, and Ryan to round out the top five.

With the night and series coming to an end the final points would be tallied. Bob S. the points leader for most of the series would be pushed back to eighth in points. With all the drivers dropping one round it mixed things up. With Dominic U. not showing up for the final round this would also drop him from a championship. The top five in points would end with Jace H. in first, Jeremy W. in second, Chase T in third, Jesse R. in fourth, and Dominic U. in fifth. The top Three Drivers would receive their prizes leaving the rest of the drivers looking to come back March 7th for the start of the Rockstar Spring league for redemption. Jace H. will have a Huge target on his back after winning back to back leagues, leaving only one question to be answered… Will you be the driver to finally knock him of the top step of the podium?

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