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This week, league qualifying was tough and saw some of the usual A main drivers spread out between mains with some even going into the C main. This could mix up points and make it an interesting night.

The C main had a clean start with James M. making moves quickly going from fourth place on the start to the lead by lap two. This would lead into a great battle between James M, Philip R., and James cook. The three of them drove bumper to bumper for four laps before James C. would try to make a move at the finish around Philip but was unable. Philip would make a move on the inside of the second one-eighty on James. This would cause him to drive wider then normal allowing James C. to follow through into second. Ryan S. would be making up time on the top three while they would be battling back and forth. Moving the battle back to third place. It would come down to the wire and with Ryan taking new lines trying to make a pass, Phillip S. would dive to the inside on the second one-eighty and make the pass going into the last lap. Main event two would have Ryan making the moves early. Passing both Philip S. and James M at the finish line. Philip would see Ryan go around James M. and try to do the same James would pick up on the line and not allow him by. With six laps to go Ryan caught up to James and put the pressure on. Again the battle would allow Philip S who turned the fastest lap to join the battle. James would drive slightly wide at the finish and allow Ryan to pull along side him. As they both were battling for the inside driving into each other Philip would make it three wide across the finish and pass them both on the outside. Ending with Philip R. in first, Philip S. into second, and Ryan into third.

B main number one would be a good start with Sean P. making a pass on Brian C. on the outside of the first one eighty but come into the second one eighty with to much speed and spin himself out. This would allow Brian to get around Toni K. only a few laps in. with the clean track ahead of him would be able to inch away each lap. BJ. C would be able to run some clean laps and start picking away at the gap between him and Toni. He would make the move after a couple laps of battling and leave Toni with another unwanted driver hot on his bumper. This would be Matt A. and with only two laps remaining he would look for a place to pass. He made one run at a pass coming up the checkered but would be a cart length back and not make it work. Main event two would see Brian starting on the pole after his earlier win but others looking to chase him down. Jacob U. the diver who spun early on race one would be putting the fast laps down in the high 19’s. The start finish line would be his spot to make passes. As he would pick drivers off one by one he would shave time of Brains lead. A tough pass would be to get around Toni and Matt quickly with only six laps to go but with a great line he would get around Matt at the finish and Toni going into the second one eighty. Everything would come down to the wire, as Jacob would catch Brian on the last lap. He would make a move with two corners to go and end up taking Brian out moving him back to fourth. Jacob would then slow down in the last corner waiting for Brian then crossed the line right behind him thus showing some of the great sportsman ship some drivers have.

A main saw a lot of mix up of drivers again this week with the randomization of the starting grid. Josh F. a new driver to the spring series would start on the pole. He would get a good start and be able to avoid any sort of mistake in the first turn. Scott R. and Randy G. would be right there putting on the pressure looking for any opening to get by. Just a little distance behind Michael M. and Jeremy W. would be racing bumper to bumper. Jeremy would be able to pull along side of Michael crossing the finish line carry more speed and make the pass on the outside of the first one eighty. Nine laps remaining Josh would be up front with Scott still all over him. Not fazed by the pressure Josh would turn the fastest lap of the race and 20.0. This would get him about a kart distance for the next 6 laps until Scott would be able to close the gap again and try and make a pass on the last lap last corner but would be just shy by a half a cart length. Going into the main event number two it would look to be a repeat. For the first five laps everyone would seem to follow and be in a single file line until they would start to group up and the action would begin. Jeremy W. in fourth place would be all over the bumper of Randy tapping the back of him around the track but not enough to earn a black flag. Eventually Jeremy would get just enough going into the split and Randy would try to squeeze to the inside and last second go to the outside and get into the barriers costing him a couple positions. Michael would be all over Jeremy as they went by and would soon make the pass on Jeremy. From here out the drivers would spread back out except the two front-runners Josh and Scott. These two would battle bumper to bumper but not make a pass leaving Josh to a back to back win which has only been done one other time before.

With only one round left, the points are tight and will most likely see a new champion. It’s still up for grabs and with the points as close as they are you can bet the last round will be the best one yet!

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