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The sixth and final round of the spring leagues kicked off this Wednesday and it was an eventful night. Many of the drivers are shooting for the chance to drive a rotax racing kart with our performance division. Points would be close and all come down to the nights finishes. The B main saw our points leader Scott R. in it for the final round due to a struggle in qualifying.

Scott would be the talk of the b main as he was gridded in eighth place for the start. Everyone made it through the start clean and saw the top four get a quick lead on the rest of the field. Bj C. started making passes quickly and was one of the drivers that pulled up next to Michael D. making the pass into third. A four-way battle made the front pack slow down a bit. Scott would be on the charge and at the half way mark, switching up his lines to make the passes on other drivers. By this point, Bj would be into first and have a nice little cushion. Scott caught the pack that was in front of him and was able to make smooth passes to get into second going into the first one-eighty. There wouldn’t be enough time to catch Bj. Coming to the finish Tom K. would be all over James C. but unable to make the pass. The top three would end with Bj. in first, Scott in second, and James in third. The second main had Scott starting right behind Bj. allowing him to put pressure on right away. Six laps into it, Scott would make the pass going into the split. Another battle that was continued into the second main was James and Toni. The battle would carry on well into the race with James able to hold everyone off allowing Derek B. to catch up. Derek was able to find his way around Toni with half the race remaining. James, still driving a great race, would drive slightly on the defensive side still maintaining his speed. Going into the second one-eighty Derek got slightly bumped and spun out leaving James with another gap that was needed. Coming down to the end they would catch back up and see James make a mistake in the last corner and loose two spots. Scott R would go 2-1 for the overall win hoping that would be enough points in the end.

A main wouldn’t see Jeremy Wall tonight. Being one of the front-runners in points, this mixed things up even more. Michael M. had a back of the pack start and would have his work cut out for him if he wanted to steal the championship away. It was a clean start with Greg W. passing John R. down the front straight then Philip S. around the finish line into first place. Chase T. would start in fifth and start making his passes starting with John into third. John would be able to keep the pace that chase was running looking to make a move back around him. With thirteen laps remaining, four drivers battled for second place. Ryan S. was locked into a battle with Brian C. and was able to make a pass with a better line around the finish line corner. Meanwhile Greg would be up front and extending his lead with his consistent driving. Michael M, the driver who would be looking to capitalize on Scott R’s misfortune, would be having a rough race in ninth place. With the laps winding down in the first main, the four drivers all battling for second would still be battling and trading positions. John would be trying to make the pass back on Matt A. but Chase would make a move on Philip at the split forcing him to the outside allowing Matt around as well. Coming across the finish it would end with Greg, Chase, and Matt on the podium. Into the second main event Michael would still be in ninth place trying to do everything he could to advance positions gaining well-needed points. Four laps into the race he would be able to make his way into fifth putting him into a group of five all battling for the second spot. Ryan would get a chance on Randy coming across the finish line and make the pass only to have Randy almost pass him back at the split. Battles would continue within the pack for over half the race, any driver making a slight mistake cost them multiple positions. Michael got around Matt at the split and would start catching Philip. Charging hard, he saw some of his fastest laps turning a few in the high 19 seconds. Once Michael caught Philip, he bumped him to make the pass. Michael, knowing the pass wasn’t clean, let him back around which allowed Ryan to close the gap and put more pressure on. He would try to make a move on Philip again but would be unsuccessful coming down on the last lap. Ryan saw an opportunity in the second one eighty and dove in hard trying make the pass on Michael. Michael had the inside on the last corner and was able to hold off Ryan across the checkered flag.

Wrapping up the league points would be a nail biter. Scott did the best he could do in the B main and Michael’s struggles in the first A main left everyone guessing while the points were tallied. After it was all said and done, the new champion would win it by a single point. Scott R. was able to squeak it out and be the new Unser Racing ROCKSTAR League Champion winning a day at the track driving a real race go-kart. Scott didn’t have an overall win and proved that consistency wins championships while Jeremy Wall ended in second and Michael M. in third. Both very close in points and sure to be back for the next leagues starting May 2nd with a new seven o’clock start time. If you haven’t made it out be sure to come earn your shot to be dubbed the Unser Racing ROCKSTAR League Champion.

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